Why CIMS is King

CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) was established as a way to provide a systematic framework for contractors, service providers, facility manufactures and product vendors to define best practices for the janitorial industry. It was established by The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), the largest international and most widely recognized cleaning association, and has since received an official endorsement from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

So, why is CIMS so great? There are 3 reasons CIMS has become the key industry standard;

  1. It was created by consensus
  2. It applies to the company as a whole
  3. It provides independent certification & verification


Created by Consensus

The CIMS standard was created through the collaboration of top service contractors, facilities managers, service providers, and distributors & manufacturers representing more than 100,000 constituents. All with the goal of developing best practices that would create operational efficiencies, increase service quality, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Applies to The Company as a Whole

The reason CIMS has been able to create greater efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall quality improvements is because it is the overarching certification of a company as a whole and is equivalent to the ISO 9001 certification process however, it far exceeds these standards because it is industry specific. CIMS evaluation criteria is divided into 6 key components;

  1. Quality Systems
  2. Service Delivery
  3. Human Resources
  4. Health and Safety Environment
  5. Management Commitment
  6. Green Building and Service


Quality Systems

CIMS Certification ensures a service provider has the necessary systems in place to provide operational excellence to clients. This includes having a written quality plan with systems for quality metrics, inspections, client feedback, and continuous improvement plan.

Service Delivery

CIMS Certification ensures a provider has they systems in place to deliver a positive customer service experience. This includes staffing, budgeting, and contingency plans

Human Resources

CIMS ensures a company has the human resources capabilities to efficiently manage people in a way that enhances organizational performance. This includes having a written HR policy, hiring practices, and training practices.

Health & Safety

CIMS Certification ensures a provider has the systems in place to provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees, clients, and facility users. This includes having a written health and safety policy as well as a written Safety Manual and hands on safety training.

Management Commitment

The CIMS standard ensures management has instituted systems to meet customer needs and expectations in time of organizational change. This includes having a written vision for its future, business continuity plan, and risk management plan.

Green Building Services

The CIMS-Green Building component has been designed specifically to comply with the environmental standards set forth by the LEED standards developed by the Green Building Council. This includes having environmental sustainability initiatives implemented in our daily operation including a green cleaning policy, procurement policy, and training programs.

Independent Third Party Verification

CIMS certification requires a rigorous and thorough third party verification process the six areas of management best practices previously mentioned. An ISSA accredited auditor conducts an on-site review of the applicant’s systems, processes, and documentation to ensure compliance as well as visits individual sites to ensure that all activities are consistent with the documented processes.

CIMS is King because it is such a powerful pre qualification tool.

CIMS Certification lets facilities managers and purchasers know that a company is customer focused and has the operational systems in place to deliver customer centred solutions in a way that will not only meet their cleaning needs, but also provide a uniquely positive customer experience.

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