Why Choose a Contractor that is Workplace Safety Certified?

Keeping a safe environment for all stakeholders is an important part of the services offered by janitorial contractors. So why should you choose a contractor that is Workplace Safety Certified?

  • They know the principles of managing health and safety on your site
  • They know all processes and procedures to ensure a safe environment
  • They use preventative measurements to minimize slips, trips, and falls
  • They are regularly audited
  • Their leadership is trained in safety excellence
  • They have in-house safety officers and trainers

BEST Service Pros works with all of its team members in a spirit of cooperation and consultation to protect team members and our clients from harm, and physical assets from damage and the public from injury. To do this, we provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with the highest industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. Our safety program was developed utilizing COR Certification as its base and ensuring we adopted the highest application standards outlined within BC and Alberta to guarantee we implemented processes for a safe work environments.

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