Ulf von Dehn Founder Scholarship Awarded to Dedicated Team Members

CAM00812BEST Service Pros is proud to announce the first award winners of our newly established “Ulf von Dehn Founder Scholarship Fund”. Through our scholarship applications process we have chosen seven dedicated frontline team members with our BEST Service Pros Scholarship funding program.  We are also delighted to share with you that four out of the seven scholarships were awarded to our team members to support their children’s continued education.

This scholarship fund was specifically designed for our front line team members and their family members to further deepen the alignment to our shared core values. We are committed to showing our appreciation and honouring team member’s dedication to delivering “operation excellence” by supporting our team’s personal and professional growth through continued education.

Congratulations once again to our team members and their families who continue to grow in their desire for personal and professional development!

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