The Value of Clean: The Cost of Sick Days

The Value of Clean Series

Over the next nine instalments of our janitorial blog, we will look at the ISSA’s ‘Value of Clean’ infographic*, and examine the ways in which cleaning is an investment in both human health and the environment. The topics we will examine are:

  1. The Cost of Sick Days
  2. How Cleaning Reduces Absenteeism
  3. Performance Loss Reduction
  4. Reduced Sales and Customer Service
  5. Benefits of Dust Reduction
  6. Mitigating the Flu Season
  7. Surface Contamination
  8. Customers Prefer Clean!
  9. Conclusion

Today’s topic, ‘The Cost of Sick Days’, highlights the economic impact of sick days on the Canadian Economy and throughout this series, we will demonstrate how cleaning has a real and measurable value to business. Ultimately, a clean facility will improve your bottom line.

*The International Sanitary Supply Association –


1# The Cost of Sick Days

Improve Your Bottom Line Where You Haven’t Looked Before

According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 Canadian workers took an average of 9.3 sick days costing their employers a total of $16.6 billion.

While the reasons for these absences may vary, it is fair to say that many of these absences are the result of flues, colds, and other infectious diseases. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) advocates simple daily cleaning and hygiene habits as an excellent way to significantly reduce your chances of infection. These habits include washing your hands regularly and the daily cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces. This being the case, it becomes quite apparent that cleanliness has a significant value to business.

To learn more about how cleanliness can improve your bottom line, come back next week for the second instalment in ‘The Value of Clean Series’, How Cleaning Reduces Absenteeism.


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