Ten Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

As a Carbon Neutral company through Offsetters, BEST believes in bettering the community and doing all that we can to lower our carbon footprint. Offsetters is the leading carbon management company in North America and has helped our organization by working with us to develop an environmental sustainability plan that leads to a zero carbon footprint through environmentally friendly practices and the purchase of carbon credits.

Offsetters has provided the following ten tips on how you can lower your carbon footprint:

  1. Drive less, and drive smarter
  2. Cut back on consumption
  3. Give low impact gifts
  4. Eat less meat
  5. Say no to junk mail
  6. Fly less
  7. Improve your workplace efficiency
  8. Ride your bike or walk to work one day a week
  9. Hang dry your clothes
  10. Turn down your thermostat

For more information on why these items can help you lower your impact or to learn more about Offsetters click here.

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