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Best Cleaning Practices to Lower Absenteeism

If absenteeism due to illness is a problem in your organization then there is something that you can do about it. CleanLink has states that new studies show that well cleaned facilities can decrease levels of absenteeism and lead to a healthier workforce. According to Keith Sopha, president of the Canadian Association of Environmental Management and founder of CleanLearning in …


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Choosing The Right Equipment

A recent article by CleanLink called “Which Type Of Mop Is Best?” discussed a very important factor when deciding the best type of equipment or materials. CleanLink readers were all expressing their views on which type of mop is the best. The conclusion of this by CleanLink was that everyone was right.

“Who is right? The answer, of course, is …


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Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

Looking to make a switch between paper towels and hand dryers? Cleanlink did a study to look at which is the better option. Their study reviled some important information on hygiene and the spread of bacteria.

The study showed that using paper towels to dry hands is more hygienic that using an electric hand dryer. Here is why:

Paper towel …


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