Security Guard Restarts BEST Team Memeber’s Heart

When Nyakhan Kang’s heart stopped, Paladin Security Guard Jon Holladay jumped into action without skipping a beat.


Kang has worked on campus as a member of the Best Service Pros cleaning staff for 13 months and in that time she’d never met Holladay, who — like her — works well into the night.

At 9:53 pm on Feb 7, Holladay responded to a call from a Best Pro Supervisor reporting that Kang was shaking and nonresponsive. He rushed to the main floor of the Burns Building and found her conscious and sitting in a chair.

“I asked her if she wanted us to call an ambulance, and she looked at me like I had three heads,” says Holladay, who assessed that Kang’s incoherent state was cause for alarm and requested Emergency Medical Services (EMS) over his radio.

Before EMS could arrive, Kang lost consciousness, and had no detectable pulse.

“My first reaction was to try not to panic,” says Holladay. “Then my CPR training just took

Written by Rebekah Jarvis.

The BEST Service Pros Team is so grateful for the heroic act of Jon Holladay.  Thank you for stepping in to help!

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