Reduce Your Personal Carbon Footprint

bike-commute-300x199BEST is proud to be a Carbon Neutral Certified company through Offsetters while working on lowering our impact on the environment every day. After Earth Week, BEST has been looking into new ways to lower our carbon footprint by creating programs and developing plans for our team.

Are you interested in reducing your own carbon footprint? Here are a fews things that you can do:

Choose Green: When building a new home or renovating your space, chose the options that will have the least impact on the environment and partner with contractors that have a green mindset.

Conserve Water: To ensure that you are conserving ensure that you are using only the necessary amount of water each day.

Utilize Green or Blue Bin Programs: Ensure that you are recycling or composting all items that are qualified for your program.

Bike: If possible choose to bike to work.  If that’s not possible, choose a vehicle that has a low impact on the environment and that is practical for your lifestyle.

What will do be doing to decrease your carbon footprint this year?  

More info on BEST’s environmental policies at

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