Quiet Cleaning

More and more, BEST is seeing the increased need for cleaning throughout the day that requires zero interruptions of daily operations. Of course this is a challenge for most as being “invisible cleaners” is a hard task to accomplish. BEST has discovered that ensuring that the equipment we choose is the right fit for the facility is key to ensuring that there are no disruptions to service and the high quality of cleaning remains.

For example, in a new case study, CleanLink looks into an option for backpack vacuums. They tested ProTeam backpack vacuums in a casino environment that requires regular cleaning during business hours,

“Our main concerns are safety and not interrupting the customer. The GoFree Pro is quiet enough that, with the music in the casino, the customer doesn’t notice the sound from the vacuum.” 

It’s choosing equipment like this, doing our research,  and benchmarking on similar facilities and experience that has led BEST to provide seamless service to a wide variety of clients.

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