Is Your Child’s School Clean?

ISSA-How-Clean-infographicThe ISSA (governing body for the janitorial industry) recently produced the infographic that can be seen the the right. This shows the levels of bacteria, absences, costs and hotspots that are created when your child’s school is not cleaned adequately. The key points from this infographic feature some startling facts including:

  • 22 Million school days are lost each year due to the common cold,
  • 8-10 flu cases are caught by a single elementary student each year,
  • Teacher absences cost schools more that $25 billion annually,
  • The biggest bacteria hotspot in your child’s school is the drinking fountain.

These statistics among the many others showcased in the inforgraphic express cause for action. With schools cutting budgets, the level of cleanliness is decreasing. Because of this, there has been a new ISSA Clean Standard created to ensure that your child is in a safe environment. The ISSA stated,

“The ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 Schools establishes a framework to help schools objectively assess the effectiveness of the cleaning process at their facilities, thereby contributing to the quality of the indoor environment for the benefit of students and staff.”

When many people in the industry are cutting back on the effort when costs are lowered, we are stepping up to ensure that your child’s school is in a clean, healthy and safe environment.

For more information on the new ISSA Clean Standard K-12 click here.

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