How To Put Safety First During the Winter Season

FS_CautionSlipperyWhenWet__08458.1332953704.1000.1000Whether your streets are filled with rain or with snow over the holiday season, winter safety is something for you to consider.  The risks associated with those icy and wet streets make winter a dangerous time for the people visiting your facility.

BEST Service Pros has our clients top of mind to ensure their safety throughout the year, and during the winter season. Since winter is the most common time for slips, trip and falls, we have put together some tips to help keep the customers, patron and employees at your facility safe.

  1. Make sure that the floors inside your facility are clean &  dry.
  2. Use floor mats that cover entry areas.
  3. Ensure that these mats are clean and dry.
  4. Make sure that all walkways are clear and ice melt is applied when necessary.
  5. Clearly mark the areas that are slippery or hazardous.
  6. Monitor high risk areas.

From everyone at BEST Service Pros, we wish you a safe winter and holiday season.  For questions on how BEST Service Pros can help you be proactive this winter please contact us at



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