Employee Recognition – A Low Cost, High Return Investment In People

At BEST we are committed to being ‘different in a good way’. That means we place the utmost importance on creating a positive work environment where all employees feel valued and appreciated. This commitment to our corporate culture is demonstrated by a defined recognition program that ensures managers recognize employees for both their personal and professional achievements.

When people are recognised and celebrated it creates a sense of belonging, and community. When people feel appreciated and it creates waves of positivity that travel through the entire company and ultimately impacts the service we give our clients, and the quality of the facilities they provide their users.

A lack of recognition can be extremely detrimental to engagement and productivity on the front lines and negatively impact the success of leadership. When a leader fails to recognize a team member’s accomplishment they loose credibility as a leader. They are seen as someone who is not a team player and doesn’t really care about the people they manage. This will negatively affect their ability to motivate and direct their employees as well as to retain and recruit top talent. Recognition is a critical component of the manager/employee relationship.

Recognition affects the individual’s mindset and their behaviour, and these behaviours ripple out to the group and affect the mindset and behaviour of others. These waves help build a supportive work environment and makes people want to go above and beyond in the performance of their job duties because they know it will be appreciated and recognized.

These ripples can be seen in cleaning outcomes, and in user experience outcomes. Positivity creates more productive employees, better cleaning outcomes, better communication a healthier facility with happier users.

We believe the ripples created by our culture and recognition program can be felt by clients and facility users in the form of increased quality outcomes and more effective communication and problem solving on-site.

Our employee recognition programs have had a significant positive impact on our retention rates as a company, especially for frontline employees. BEST wants to ensure each of our employees knows they are a valued team member and integral to our success. We want to create a work environment where coworkers feel like a group of friends with a shared sense of purpose.

The frontline is the bottom line for quality cleaning and service delivery. A happy, and experienced staff on site ultimately determines how we meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

Team member recognition is a low-cost, low-tech way to improve quality outcomes, user experience, and is a simple grassroots way to add value for our clients.





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