Customer Service Training – An Added Value For Our Customers

Every interaction a BEST team member has with each other, with clients, and with facility users is a reflection of BEST and our corporate culture. Ultimately, a company’s culture is defined by these interactions and by all the little things everyone says and does everyday to deliver our services and come together as a team. A positive corporate culture reinforces positive attitudes and creates positive interactions between employees, clients, facility users, and coworkers. These daily interactions not only become a reflection of our brand, but also define it.

We also understand that our employees are not only representing BEST, they are also representing our clients. Every aspect of our service delivery, including what our employees do and say and every interaction they have with a facility user becomes a reflection of our client’s brand. That is why it is so important to that we give our team members all the necessary training and skills to feel confident meeting all the challenges they my encounter in their day and all the interactions they have with coworkers, clients, and users. Because only when our team members have been properly trained and feel confident in their abilities, can we truly deliver a service that exceeds expectations. That is why we place such an importance on customer service training. Customer service skills are an integral part of our service delivery. Like all aspects of our service, we make sure our employees have been given all the training and skills necessary to create a uniquely positive customer experience.

Customer service and training skills have a much bigger on impact on employee morale and corporate culture than people realize. Adding to the equation, employee morale has a significant impact on the quality of customer service delivered.

Customer service skills are really just people skills. Employees can take the skills they learn and apply them to all areas of their life to create more positive and productive relationships with all people, including coworkers. In this way, customer service training helps a company create a more respectful, more sympathetic, productive and more positive work environment that results in a corporate culture that will create better morale and produce better customer service.

Whether high or low, customers notice an employee’s morale. They will notice the words and tone the person uses in addition to their actions. High morale not only creates more motivated, more engaged and energized employees, it increases productivity as well as customer satisfaction scores. Customer service training has also been shown to positively impact corporate culture and morale in the following ways;
1. Increased Job Satisfaction
2. Reduced Turnover
3. Reduced Absenteeism
4. Increased Productivity

Increased Job Satisfaction
When morale is high employees look forward to coming to work and approach their job with enthusiasm and a willingness to serve.

Reduced Turnover and Absenteeism
When employee morale is low attendance becomes poor and employees quickly become discouraged and complacent.

Increased Productivity
When morale is high employees have a sense of purpose. They have more energy and a re more motivated to complete tasks and solve problems. When morale is high it creates a sense of team work and affiliation to a larger purpose; the goals of the company. When this happens the company goals become the employee’s goals.

Quality customer service training allows the company to achieve higher customer retention, acquire new customers, and reduce employee turnover. The training has a great Impact on employee motivation and morale which leads to increased productivity. Through customer service training employees learn how to come together to achieve a common goal, which is to satisfy the customer. When everybody is working towards a common goal, they become a team. A team culture makes people feel more positive and as a result they will be more productive individually, and as a team.

At BEST we have invested in a comprehensive customer service training program, delivered by WorldHost, for all of our front line team members. The program enables us to improve the quality of operations and customer service that our clients provide their customers and patrons. This program is a fundamental part of our culture and our promise to clients. For our team it instills a sense of pride, dignity, and teamwork, and gives them the skills they need to deliver world class service and professionalism.

Providing customer service training to our employees doesn’t just increase employee morale and satisfaction, it provides added-value for our customers and gives them a strong competitive advantage.

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