Cleanliness of Schools Correlates with Academic Achievement

BEST Service Pros is very experienced at providing our services within an educational environment.  We found the article, “Study: Clean Schools Promote Academic Success,” very exciting.  It expresses the correlation between the cleanliness of schools and adademic achievement.

This article covers these important points:

  • 88% of the 1481 students polled reported a lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction
  • 84% of the students reported that they prefer APPA Level 1 or 2 standards of cleanliness in order to create a positive learning experience
  • Cleanlines ranked as the fourth most important building element to impact students’ personal learning
  • Students reported a lack of cleanliness affects allergies, spreads germs, increases bug and rodent infestations, and promotes higher stress levels.

It is our goal to provide expectional services so that your institution can full its purpose of providing students with academic success and create a positive learning experience.  Our list of long term educational clients shows that we can make your educational institute a place where students can grow in their personal learning goals.

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