Cleaning Standards For Educational Facilities

BEST Service Pros prides itself on offering educational institutions a high level of cleaning that not only increases the productivity of students, but protects them as well. As a member of the ISSA, BEST ensures that we are meeting their cleaning standards and that we provide the best possible level of service and cleanliness to our sites. Recently, the ISSA has implemented a new cleaning standard that measures the cleanliness of K-12 school.

“The goal of the Standard for Measuring the Effectiveness of Cleaning in K-12Schools (hereinafter referred to as the Clean Standard: K-12) is to provide schools with a tool that will help them measure and monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning processes at their facilities thereby contributing to the quality of the indoor environment for the benefit of students and staff.” – ISSA

The new standard is includes three steps: Clean, Measure, and Monitor. BEST believes in meeting and exceeding these standards to ensure that we continuously provide services that protect students at educational facilities.

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