Being Green and Blue

bigstock_Green_Leaf_Touching_Water_4304461For many cleaning companies, being green does not reflect or consider all aspects of environmental sustainability.  For BEST, we see our environmental efforts this as a very important piece of the puzzle when providing services at all of our sites.  Our loyal clients understand that we have worked hard to be an industry leader in this by partnering with environmental associations and making Green and Blue priorities for our business.  Being Green and Blue means taking in consideration our environment and ensuring we are lowering the use or waste of important resources such as water.

We have looked into each aspect of our business to spot the areas we can improve upon to bring out clients services that have a low impact on resources.  That being said, we would like to share some ideas for you to consider for your facility to make both Green and Blue choices.

Here are six steps to keeping your water usage top of mind for your facility:

  1. Identifying the amount of water being used
  2. Identify the issues at your facility preventing you from reaching your Green and Blue potential
  3. Seek opportunities to cut back on your impact
  4. Placing measurable outcomes for the results of your cut backs
  5. Committing to a Plan
  6. Reflecting back on the results


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