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EarthThe Healthy Schools Campaign is teaching parents and students the important of green cleaning as a part of a healthy school experience.  Many schools throughout Canada and the US have been leaning towards a strategy to provide students with healthier alternatives to food in order to create a future with healthy children who make smart choices.

The “Green Clean Schools” article is very interesting because it takes the revolutionary topic of eating healthy within schools and molds it into a broader health revolution.  The healthy schools campaign explained the benefits of green cleaning and a well-designed cleaning program as the following:

  • Help students stay healthy and learn: Green cleaning reduces the environmental hazards that can negatively affect children’s health and development
  • Protect custodial staff: Custodial staff members, especially women of child-bearing age, are particularly susceptible to health problems
  • Increase facility and furniture lifespan: Proper maintenance and effective cleaning without caustic chemicals prevents damage and premature aging
  • Preserve the environment: Green cleaning preserves natural resources and reduces the amount of harmful chemicals washed into lakes and streams
  • Save money: School leaders often report short and long-term savings as they switch to green cleaning and reduce the number of cleaning products

At BEST we believe in protecting all stakeholders at our sites as well as our valued team members.  We can create win-win situations for everyone involved through our extensive green cleaning practices.  Not only are we CIMS Green Building Certified with Honours, we are Carbon Neutral Certified through Offsetters.  This makes us one of the leading janitorial companies for green cleaning in Canada.

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